Leading the charge with off-grid solar backpacks

13 Oct 2010

A new line of off-grid solar-powered backpacks have been introduced in the US that enable the wearer to charge their portable devices on the move.

Voltaic Systems, the US-based New York start-up, has introduced the line of backpacks in a variety of styles that can provide up to 4w of power via an internal battery – which, after four to five hours in the sun, can fully charge a portable device.

USB access

The bags feature USB access and come with inbuilt or detachable solar cells – which can be removed and placed on another bag or a bike with the straps and clips, according to the Voltaic website.

The new line of solar-powered backpacks follows Voltaic Systems’ recent line of solar-powered smartphone chargers that can generate up to 4 watts of power for the devices.