Sony cuts its global CO2 emissions by 31pc

27 Jul 2011

Sony has reduced its global CO2 emissions by 31pc across its business sites and achieved targets set out in its “Green Management 2010” (“GM2010”) mid-term environmental plan.

The 31pc reduction is in comparison with levels in fiscal year 2000.

Sony’ GM2010 plan, introduced in 2006, aimed to cut the company’s environmental impact over the five-year period spanning fiscal years 2006-2010. The results of these initiatives have been confirmed through third-party verification.

GM2010 included a series of greenhouse gas reduction targets. Through various initiatives, Sony reduced CO2 emissions across its business sites to 1.53m tonnes in fiscal year 2010. This represents the reduction of 31pc, surpassing the 7pc target specified in the GM2010 plan.

Sony’s initiatives included the use of alternative substances to replace those with high global warming potential in its manufacturing processes, and the reduction of energy-related CO2 emissions through the installation of advanced energy systems which have been optimised by Sony’s in-house energy conservation specialists to deliver maximum energy efficiency at Sony offices and manufacturing sites worldwide.

Sony Europe has made consistent progress, as well. Electricity from 100pc renewable sources have powered all GEMS-certified Sony sites throughout Europe since fiscal year 2008.

Recycling levels at Sony Europe have increased from 73pc in fiscal year 2000 to 99pc in fiscal year 2009, meaning that now 99pc of the waste generated by Sony Europe manufacturing facilities is either reused or recycled.

Other green achievements by Sony:

  • Waste generation at business sites – 54pc reduction (target 40pc)
  • Water usage at business sites – 41pc reduction (target 20pc)
  • Volatile organic compound emissions from business sites – 35pc reduction (target 40pc)
  • Annual electricity consumption of products – achieved 100pc of targets in each product category
    For example, the annual electricity consumption of core BRAVIA LCD TV models declined by about 30pc between 2008 and 2010, while the annual electricity consumption of Sony’s core Blu-ray Disc recorder models fell about 50pc during the same period.