Anam receives global mobile innovation award

27 May 2008

Irish-headquartered mobile services firm Anam has been named one of the three Top Innovators in the US leg of the 2009 Mobile Innovation Global Award Competition in the category of ‘Most Innovative Mobile Application in a Vertical Market’.

This innovation award was given to Anam for services including its SMS money transfer, which Jote Bassi, managing director of Anam, discussed with earlier this year.

“The area of mobile commerce is set to grow. This customer segment wants to pay for things in a simpler way and with SMS money transfer you can instruct your bank via SMS to do this,” explained Bassi.

There is a growing market for this, especially with the increasing number of migrant workers who need to send money back and forth, he added.

“I don’t know of any companies offering this service, we are very excited about it.”

The category that Anam has been listed in will compete against four others for the title of ‘GSMA Mobile Innovation Global Finalist’ in the US between 3-4 June.

After competing with finalists from the EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) and APAC (Asia Pacific) region, the overall winner will be announced at the prestigious GSMA’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in February of next year.

Anam is one of several spin-off companies from Aldiscon, a Dublin-founded telco that began in 1988 and was a major proponent of the SMS or text message to mobile operators long before any other companies had found value in marketing it.

Other successful spin-offs from Aldiscon include Aepona and Acuris Networks.

By Marie Boran