As iPhone nears 10th year, AT&T reveals big vision for the digital future of telecoms

14 Dec 2016

Tim Tweedle, lead interconnection agreements manager, alliances and integration at AT&T. Image: Luke Maxwell

AT&T intends to beat the OTT rivals like WhatsApp by focusing on infrastructure and services, in order to go where the OTTs can’t go.

In an interview with, Tim Tweedle, lead interconnection agreements manager at AT&T, said that operators will beat the OTTs by doubling down on infrastructure and customer service.

Tweedle spoke to at the recent GSMA WAS summit in Dublin, hosted by local telecoms software player Anam.

He said that in the nine years of continuous growth since the iPhone was launched in 2007, operators need to look to new or additional revenue streams.

The next decade

“We want to use mobility services to provide connectivity to customers and let them enjoy content, no matter where they are,” Tweedle said.

He said that the internet of things (IoT) will play a big part in AT&T’s future.

“AT&T will be connecting to more than just cars. When we talk about IoT, we will be connecting to home appliances. We will be also working with a large-scale businesses to provide connectivity to trains and shipping containers. AT&T’s mobile services will be connecting all types of devices and content all over the world.”

But when it comes to defeating the OTTs, it will be quality and reliability that will help telcos succeed.

“It’s not necessarily about beating somebody, but focusing on our customers and giving them what customers really want. AT&T wants to supply that demand,” Tweedle said.

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years