Cable & Wireless in
€1m comms deal

30 Jan 2006

Cable & Wireless has completed the rollout of an IP virtual private network (VPN) worth just under €1m for Belfast-based construction firm Lagan Construction. The network will link up the firm’s operations across Europe, the Caribbean and Asia Pacific.

Lagan Construction opted for the IP VPN with quality of service (QoS) to enable it to fast-track growth, reduce costs and deliver immediate return on investment.

Lagan Construction is based in Belfast and is part of Lagan Holdings, which owns a number of construction-related companies and employs more than 1,000 people across Europe, the Caribbean and Asia Pacific.

The move towards a converged IT infrastructure has enabled Lagan to consolidate its various wide area networks, integrate its IT strategies and reduce its infrastructure costs. This makes it easier for the company’s central information systems (IS) department to roll out new sites and support international growth more efficiently and cost effectively. This was a key factor in the move towards a complete IP infrastructure.

The first success of the new IP network was the roll out of video conferencing. Before moving to IP, reducing the growing cost of international travel was a major challenge for Lagan. Today, with video conferencing running over Cable & Wireless IP-VPN QoS, the IS department has significantly reduced the impact and cost of business travel. Many non-critical business meetings now take place using video conferencing.

IP video conferencing has delivered a high return on investment for Lagan Construction, paying itself back within the first month of service. “We have seen an immediate return on investment, with lower costs to operate and manage the infrastructure and reduced complexity of rolling out to new sites,” said Jim Fennel, IS manager with Lagan Construction.

As a part of the contract, Lagan Construction also moved to Cable & Wireless BusinessTalk, attracted by immediate cost savings of more 25pc and an improved call management package.

The company is also currently engaged in a project with Cable & Wireless to deploy voice over IP (VoIP) across the organisation, as it looks to consolidate its voice and data networks and exploit the full potential of the IP-VPN QoS network.

“Migrating to IP can have a profound effect on an organisation’s ability to increase productivity and reduce cost,” explained Noreen O’Hare, country director for Ireland at Cable & Wireless. “Lagan Construction is a fantastic example of the benefits of moving to IP. It is already reaping the rewards of its migration and is building a common business foundation that will help the company to achieve its goals now and in the future.”

By John Kennedy