Eircom confirms
5Mbps broadband

24 Jan 2006

Eircom has revealed that customers currently using always-on broadband products will receive automatic speed upgrade of up to 5Mbps. The company also unveiled price reductions of up to 25pc on entry-level products.

In November, siliconrepublic.com reported on Eircom trialling a new broadband service with 5Mbps download speeds and 512Kbps upstream after other licensed operators received a letter from the company informing them of the impending change.

This afternoon the company revealed a 20pc drop in the time-based 1Mbps/128Kbps service from €24.99 to €19.99, a 25pc drop in the always-on 1Mbps/28Kbps service from €39.99 to €29.99 and a 20pc drop in the business time 1Mbps/28 Kbps service from €20.65 to €16.52.

In addition to the price decreases the company introduced a 4 Mbps/384Kbps service for €89 per month and a 5Mbps/512Kbps service for €169 a month.

Eircom also announced that customers who sign up to any one of the company’s always-on products will receive a free wireless modem to enable multiple computers to use the network from any room. The connection fee has been reduced from €99.99 to €29.99 with free connection for customers who sign up online.

By John Kennedy