In-flight Wi-Fi rated and ranked around the world – infographic

27 Jan 2015

Routehappy’s study into global airlines’ in-flight Wi-Fi shows Americans have it best.

According to the research, almost one quarter of all flights around the globe have at least some chance of getting in-flight Wi-Fi, a significant rise on 2013’s findings, with US airlines offering Wi-Fi on two-thirds of all the miles they fly.

Virgin America, although only small, offers Wi-Fi on all of its flights, while Delta has it on by far the most flights.

Elsewhere airlines such as Norwegian Air and Icelandair offer the highest percentage of flights with Wi-Fi, both coming in well over 80pc.

Surprisingly some higher-end airlines such as Emirates and Qatar airways don’t rank too highly at all, but in general things are looking up.

“Wi-Fi is one of the most sought after, new amenities flyers want to access on their flights, and there has been significant investment by airlines since our last report,” says Robert Albert, Routehappy CEO.

“Coverage is starting to be meaningful on flights worldwide, along with a wide variety of speeds, coverage availability, and pricing models, including free of charge.”

Routehappy Wi-Fi

Man using Wi-Fi on plane image, via Shutterstock

Gordon Hunt was a journalist with Silicon Republic