Mobile device connectivity speeds to quadruple by 2015

7 Feb 2013

The connectivity speed of mobile devices will quadruple by 2015 from 2011 levels, according to the new PricewaterhouseCoopers Mobile Innovations Forecast.

PwC also launched a Mobile Technologies Index, which forecasts rises at a 42pc compound annual growth rate.

The report forecast the growth rates of seven technologies that underlie the power of mobile devices to sense, analyse, store, and connect information:

  • Device connectivity speed: Megabits per second per dollar (Mbps/$) will improve 37pc CAGR, equating to four times faster in 2015 than in 2011.
  • Infrastructure speed: Average Megabits per second will improve 54pc CAGR.
  • Processor speed: Gigahertz per dollar (GHz/$) will improve 53pc CAGR.
  • Memory: Gigabits per dollar (GB/$) will improve 48pc CAGR.
  • Storage: Gigabytes per dollar (GB/$) will improve 35pc CAGR.
  • Image sensor: Megapixels per dollar (MP/$) will improve 20pc CAGR.
  • Display: Performance per dollar per square inch (P/$/in2) will improve 18pc CAGR.

“Mobile devices and their supporting services will continue to run applications faster, store more data, create better pictures, and display information in brighter and more compelling images, driven by the seven components of the Mobile Technologies Index,” explained Ciaran Kelly, consulting partner at PwC Ireland.

“The next game-changing innovation will likely occur as the result of creative thinking about how devices are used, through unique business models, or in some combination of all four parts of the framework.”

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years