New USB cable to come into use later this year

2 Apr 2014

What the Type C USB cable will look like on Apple products

The days of fiddling with a USB cable computer connection will be a thing of the past as the new USB Type C cable will be launched sometime this year.

The new design to the Universal Serial Bus (USB) wire is to make it easier to connect items, as they both use the same type of connection and, more importantly, is reversible so there will be no more time spent with your hand down the back of the PC (for those of us who use them) trying to fit the connection in the right way.

The wire has been the staple connector for almost every single device and this announcement comes after the organisational body in charge for implementing any changes to the wire, the USB Implements Forum, had announced the decision to change the current USB connector last December.

According to CNET, the Type C design will include a number of additional improvements on the Type B, such as an audible click when it is connected properly, allowing for faster data transfer and devices that get charged more quickly. The Type C USB cable is to also be usable on more than 10,000 connections.

Colm Gorey was a senior journalist with Silicon Republic