One and two-letter .ie domain names now up for grabs

16 Nov 2015

Registration for both one and two-letter .ie domain names is now open for those with relevant trademarks, with 676 possible titles of the latter up for grabs.

The .ie domain registry (IEDR) has opened the ‘sunrise phase’ of the process today (16 November), which will run until 16 December, by which time any domain names requested by just one party will be awarded immediately.

Any domain which has had multiple applications will go up for auction.

The existing registration requirements for all .ie domain registrations will still apply to those one and two letter domains, meaning applicants must prove a connection to Ireland and a legitimate claim to the domain name sought.

“The addition of one and two letter .ie domains will help many others build and grow their brand and promote their services in Ireland and internationally,” said David Curtin, IEDR’s chief executive.

Presumably, companies like the AA or HP are primed for developments like this, but is my favourite sounding of the lot, however, I’m imagining it as ‘coo-ey’, high-pitched, from a neighbour, over the wall in my back garden.

Laptop image via Shutterstock

Gordon Hunt was a journalist with Silicon Republic