Spotify arriving on HTC Hero via 3

19 Oct 2009

Mobile operator 3 UK announced it has joined forces with UK firm Spotify to provide the streaming music service as part of one of its data packages.

Spotify, which is already available on the iPhone as a premium app, will now be making its way onto the Android smart phone, the HTC Hero, through the deal struck with 3 UK.

The HTC Hero Spotify Premium service will be available in November through 3’s Pay Monthly UK£35 Internet Texter plan on a 24-month contract.

The HTC Hero itself costs UK£99.99 and the 24-month Spotify Premium subscription (worth UK£240) will be included as a voucher in the HTC box, said 3.

So far, there are no plans announced to bring this same service to 3 Ireland, and currently only the premium, paid Spotify desktop service is available here, with no free version available.

By Marie Boran