Tesco to introduce Wi-Fi as a boost to shoppers

25 Jul 2011

Recognising that connectedness equals happiness to today’s smartphone-toting shopper, Tesco is rolling out Wi-Fi across its UK stores. The move will allow shoppers to compare prices and check their Clubcard points from the aisles.

In recent months, Tesco has been delivering innovative apps, including an app that allows users to scan barcodes from the store and then pay for the goods online and get them delivered to their home.

The service is being trialled in four UK stores and if successful should become a mainstream feature in Tesco stores.

Shoppers will be able to check their Clubcard accounts and receive e-vouchers and flex the muscle of the loyalty scheme.

Having Wi-Fi may also draw punters who need to connect to the web and who may make impulse purchases.

There is so much scope for the use of apps and Wi-Fi in retail outlets like Tesco, when you consider what’s possible in terms of QR codes, the use of location data to unlock deals and the ability to push content.

It also sets up Tesco nicely for the future revolution in near field communication (NFC) m-payments, which will allow users to pay for goods using their mobile devices as wallets.

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years