Vodafone publishes new international rates

17 May 2004

Irish customers of Vodafone from next week will be able to use Vodafone’s new five-zone worldwide roaming rates, which provide flat rates for making and taking calls and sending text messages across 130 countries.

The five zones covered under Vodafone World comprise Ireland and the UK; Near Europe; the Americas; Asia, Africa and the Middle East, the Far East and Australia; and Far Europe.

The new costs apply at all times day and night and at the weekend. For example, postpaid calls to Ireland from the UK and Channel Islands cost 59 cents. Text messages across the five zones will cost 49 cents. If you are on mainland Europe, calls made cost 89 cents, calls received cost 69 cents and text messages cost 49 cents. If you are in the Americas, calls home will cost €1.59 and received calls will cost €1.09. Calls from Asia, Africa, Middle East and Australia will cost €1.69 and €1.99 to receive, while calls from Far Europe (Belarus, Ukraine and Russia) will cost €1.99 to make and receive.

When travelling to countries that don’t have a Vodafone network, phone owners will receive a text message upon arrival to tell them of partner networks that they would have to switch to manually in order to use the Vodafone World service.

“Vodafone World will allow our customers to take full advantage of Vodafone’s global footprint of 33 local Vodafone networks and partner networks worldwide, while enjoying the benefits of a simple pricing structure with no hidden charges – Vodafone customers will always be better off on the local Vodafone network,” said Daragh Kelly, roaming product marketing manager at Vodafone Ireland.

By John Kennedy