What to do when the internet is down (infographic)

30 Apr 2012

What to do when the incomprehensible happens – the internet goes down? A new infographic takes a cheeky look at 16 possible solutions.

It’s only when an internet connection has gone hiccup may internet users realise just how much they take it for granted. How are they to win that eBay auction, update their Facebook status, tweet that bit of ever-so-important news, book their vacations, or check their bank balances before going out that night when it feels like their hands have been slapped by the manager at the all-you-can-eat buffet for going back to refill their plates yet again?

There’s no denying the impact on communications and commerce if the internet were to disappear.

The infographic published by IT.com.mk on Visual.ly does point out an obvious step to take when the internet seems to have gone on strike: ring up the ISP, although Siliconrepublic.com does not recommend yelling at them at the top of your lungs.

Other suggestions on the infographic cover ‘borrowing’ your neighbour’s Wi-Fi and using 3G tethering. No 13 on the infographic suggests watching TV “and give thumbs-up when you like something.”

What would you do?

what to do when the internet is down

Tina Costanza was a journalist and sub-editor at Silicon Republic