Boylesports Online rolls out online storage system

18 Jun 2012

EMC country manager Jason Ward (left) with Keith O'Loughlin, CEO, Boylesports Online, at the company's headquarters in Dundalk

Bookmaker Boylesports online has rolled out new EMC unified storage technology to enable it to meet spikes in customer demand during peak betting times.

Boylesports Online needed to ensure it could reliably accept and process bets online without suffering outages. It also needed to run applications at lightning-fast speeds to meet customers’ needs.

Boylesports’ historical IT infrastructure did not fit the company’s scalability plans and risked crashing during high-volume activity periods.

The EMC VNX solution overcomes these challenges and allows Boylesports to meet its growth objectives.

“Our new VNX unified storage solution helps Boylesports Online handle high-volume betting activity, including Euro 2012, which is the largest betting event this year,” Keith O’Loughlin, CEO, Boylesports Online, explained.

Smash hits

“Our VNX unified storage has given us the speed, certainty, agility and scalability we need to achieve our very aggressive growth targets and maintain a satisfied customer base that cannot get the same service levels from any other bookmaker.

“At the recent Cheltenham festival, for example, we smashed our own records for bets placed per second – running on our VNX storage. This enabled us to take bets from other bookmakers whose systems had crashed.”

As Boylesports Online continues to grow, its VNX has enabled it to scale rapidly and easily to meet the needs of the business and its customers without compromising performance, particularly during peak betting periods, such as Euro 2012.

“Our VNX Series helps organisations to drive new performance outputs where traditional IT infrastructure may have been curbing their growth potential,” EMC Ireland country manager Jason Ward explained.

“The investment Boylesports Online has made will pay off very quickly in terms of new business, customer retention, energy efficiency and the eradication of costs associated with outages due to high-volume activity,” Ward added.

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years