SMEs and cyberattacks, the ugly truth (infographic)

25 Aug 2015

A growing number of businesses are getting hacked, leading to people’s personal details being released onto the web. However, it’s not just a problem for companies famous enough to generate national headlines, it hits the smaller operators just as hard.

Some of the larger breaches in recent years have seen customers of Ashley Madison, United Airlines, American Airlines, Staples and Paddy Power find out their details may be in the wild.

Sony’s leak was damaging on numerous accounts, revealing personal correspondence between both famous and newly-famous people, with a breach of a US state department another to catch the eye.

This is hugely costly for both consumers and staff, in that their personal information is no longer personal, as well as companies trying to invest in stronger security protocols.

But it’s not just the large businesses getting hit, with 60pc of all cyberattacks hitting SMEs last year.

That’s according to this excellent infographic from Towergate Insurance.

SMEs and cyberattacks

SMEs cyberattacks infographic

Main image via Shutterstock

Gordon Hunt was a journalist with Silicon Republic