Fast growing Easybusiness brings cloud to 30 countries

29 Jul 2009

The up and coming Irish cloud software business for SMEs has unveiled a new version of its cloud which has 20 business apps for firms as well as revealing it is now used by 250 firms in 30 countries.

SaaS and Cloud Computing company has just released a new version of the Eazybusiness cloud, that contains free email with online collaboration tools for every user and a free content managed website for every company that registers for the service.

In addition to the multitude of SaaS applications already offered by Eazybusiness the free email and website will be part of the new functionality released by the company. Registering users can now select their own email address and company name, which will form part of their online presence.

The email address and website are available immediately after a user registers and the website can be changed and customised at any time through the Eazybusiness cloud.

This new offering comes just two months after the successful launch of eazybusiness at the International Cloud Computing Expo in Prague. Since the launch, over 250 companies from 30 countries have registered for the service. “We have had some fantastic feedback from our users and we look forward to significantly increasing our subscription numbers in the coming months”, Pat Bolger, CEO explained.

Bolger added Eazybusiness further demonstrates that there is substantial demand for affordable, feature rich SaaS and cloud computing applications for small to medium sized businesses.

“Eazybusiness is also doing what few other providers can do and that is to offer a multitude of SaaS applications from the one site with centralised user management and billing. Most other SaaS providers only offer one specific solution such as CRM or HRM but with eazybusiness you get access to a suite of applications through a single ‘virtual desktop’ or webtop that is automatically created for each user when they register.

“The webtop is similar to a ‘windows’ look and feel and is therefore instantly familiar to the user. Once a user logs into the webtop all the application are available immediately without the need to remember multiple usernames and passwords” Bolger added.

The Eazybusiness cloud currently contains over 20 cloud computing applications including email, document management, time and attendance, web meeting, invoicing, inventory management and sales force management and Eazybusiness have plans to add many more applications to this suite.

By John Kennedy

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years