Weekend takeaway: GDPR is here

25 May 2018

Image: Ivan Marc/Shutterstock

Everything you need to know about GDPR now that it’s here, as well as insights on the future of technology and smart pills.

Max attacks: Schrems launches €7bn worth of GDPR cases in Europe

Max Schrems during a visit to Dublin in 2015. Image: Connor McKenna

Austrian data privacy activist Max Schrems is quick off the mark and is already taking Facebook and Google to task under GDPR.

Helen Dixon on day one of GDPR: ‘It’s about society benefiting from the good in tech’

GDPR is a year away: 7 things you need to know and do

Data Protection Commissioner Helen Dixon. Image: Connor McKenna

As GDPR comes into law today across Europe, the balance of power will shift from tech giants to people, says Ireland’s Data Protection Commissioner, Helen Dixon.

GDPR chaos as many US news sites temporarily unavailable in EU

Several high-profile US news websites have been taken offline in Europe as the GDPR deadline arrives.

Trinity College Dublin unveils plans for €60m E3 Institute

Aerial view of the planned location of the E3 Institute

Aerial view of the planned location of the E3 Institute. Image: Trinity College Dublin

The E3 Institute will provide 1,800 new STEM places for students in Ireland.

Hey Amazon, when it comes to privacy, is Alexa sound?

What is said on Alexa should stay on Alexa.

How Ireland’s mid-west will achieve optimal employment

picture of Janice O'Connell

Dr Janice O’Connell, Head of IT at LIT, and tech ambassador for the mid-west of Ireland. Image: Adrian Butler/Limerick Leader

The tech ambassador for Ireland’s mid-west, Janice O’Connell, has developed a strategy that the rest of Ireland should heed.

Fjord’s Mark Curtis on predicting the future of technology

Mark Curtis, co-founder of Fjord. Image: Accenture

Mark Curtis, co-founder of Fjord. Image: Accenture

On the back of Fjord releasing its 2018 trends report, we sat down with the company’s co-founder to discuss the most important trends to consider when creating products for the consumer of today.

Read this if you need to improve your memory

Image: 249 Anurak/Shutterstock

Do you remember what you were doing at this time yesterday? Or last week? Do you even remember what the headline was? (You can just look at it again.) If you answered ‘no’ to any of these questions, these memory techniques may be just what you need.

New breakthrough smart pill can detect gastrointestinal issues in real time

The ingestible sensor pill

The ingestible sensor developed by MIT. Image: Lillie Paquette/MIT

In the near future, digestion issues may be diagnosed in real time just by swallowing this powerful smart pill.

How can we recycle our TVs safely?

Dr Lisa O’Donoghue, UL. Image: Dr Lisa O’Donoghue

Dr Lisa O’Donoghue, CEO of Votechnik, has developed a more efficient way to recycle TVs safely – and it all started with Star Trek. She spoke to Dr Claire O’Connell.