Kemp takes application delivery to the next level

20 Feb 2019

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Company reveals new application experience platform and Kemp 360 brand refresh.

A new family of technologies from Kemp Technologies will address the scale and complexity of application experience (AX) roll-outs.

Load balancing and software-defined networking pioneer Kemp has revealed new capabilities for improving AX in line with the latest DevOps and cloud trends.

‘Our DNA from the beginning has been about building invisible technology with a visible impact’

The company today (20 February) revealed that its Kemp 360 AX fabric – which includes a family of virtual and hardware systems, and LoadMasters 360 Central and 360 Vision – is available globally.

Kemp Technologies operates its EMEA headquarters from Limerick and is a major employer in the mid-west tech scene.

The new product set is in response to a demand for more robust capabilities across more decentralised and multi-cloud environments.

Intelligence gathered from more than 60,000 Kemp global application deployments indicates that 48pc of organisations see as many as nine incidents per week that, if gone undetected, could impact end-user AX. In addition, Kemp finds 61pc of AX-related events are caused by application capacity issues such as failing or degrading application servers.

Strengthening the Kemp fabric

The Kemp 360 AX fabric – divided into support for Day 0, Day 1 and Day 2 operations – is designed to proactively solve this for enterprises and service providers, and simplify end-to-end application delivery life-cycle management.

“Our DNA from the beginning has been about building invisible technology with a visible impact,” said Ray Downes, CEO of Kemp Technologies. “Now, Kemp is taking application delivery to the next level. As workload requirements change due to cloud and DevOps trends, we’re alongside our customers every step of the way, providing new levels of automation and frictionless deployment options to help them optimise and streamline application delivery with increased efficiency.”

According to research from Enterprise Management Associates (EMA), 92pc of enterprise network engineering and operations professionals have an initiative in place to expand their use of network automation, and 70pc say this automation is a high priority.

EMA analyst Shamus McGillicuddy said: “Kemp offers an end-to-end architecture that addresses many of the issues mentioned above, and we recommend enterprise application leaders evaluate this approach to determine if it meets their emerging multi-cloud and hybrid cloud requirements.”

Kemp customers – including Hutchison Ports, one of the world’s biggest port network operators, with more than 30,000 employees and managing 52 ports and terminals across the planet – have deployed the new technology to manage multiple clouds.

“Our main objective was to migrate to the cloud seamlessly while integrating all business units with minimal disruption,” said Clemente Zayas, OS administrator and infrastructure analyst at Hutchison Ports. “The partnership between Kemp and Hutchison Ports allows us to deliver a constant customer application experience during the growth of our multi-cloud journey.”

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years