Low-fares airline Jet2.com rolls out AMT fleet technology

18 Sep 2009

Dublin technology firm AMT’s Flightman technology has been chosen to manage the entire fleet of low-fares airline Jet2.com’s Boeing 737 and 757 aircraft.

Serving 90 destinations, Jet2.com operates 30 aircraft, of which 29 (21 Boeing 737-300s and eight Boeing 757-200s) are owned by its parent, Dart Group.

Aircraft Management Technologies’ (AMT) Flightman platform enables the on-board applications to connect to the existing Jet2.com ground-based infrastructure using secure 3G and wireless communications technologies, thus enabling more efficient processes and achieving valuable cost savings.

“We carried out extensive analysis on the selection of a software vendor and found that AMT could help us achieve significant savings across our operations, which is key for us as a low-cost airline. AMT was selected as the Flightman product that best satisfies the requirements of our various business drivers,” explained Capt Robin Evans, flight director of operations at Jet2.com.

Included in the core set of modules selected by Jet2.com are e-Journey Log, Electronic Flight Folder, Weight and Balance, Performance Calculations, Fuel Performance Analysis, e-Techlog, Large Content Management and Passenger Relationship Management. This solution allows integration of critical processes on the flight deck and reduces operational crew workload by ensuring single-point data capture.

Jet2.com has chosen to deploy the solution on Class 1 EFB (Electronic Flight Bag) hardware and to view the ability to seamlessly integrate operational data from the aircraft to Jet2.com’s back office systems as a key enabler of operational efficiencies and cost savings.

“We are excited to work with Jet2.com and assist them in achieving their goals,” said Joe McGoldrick, chief executive officer in AMT.

“Our aim within AMT is to provide a proven, cost-effective EFB software solution to enable the streamlining of airline-operational processes,” McGoldrick said.

By John Kennedy

Photo: AMT’s Flightman technology will manage the fleet of Jet2.com’s Boeing 737 and 757 aircraft.

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years