The 8 biggest security breaches in history (infographic)

21 Aug 2014

Image via tadamichi/Shutterstock

Data is so important to both users and the companies collating (and selling) it that it has practically become currency in the digital age – making it a prime target for criminals.

That said, not all data hacking is committed by criminals wearing balaclavas while at a computer, despite what stock photos indicate.

The infographic below from details eight of the biggest security breaches we know of, including the targets and perpetrators, where known.

The list includes hacks to obtain credit card details and username-password combinations, but it also includes former CIA contractor Edward Snowden’s leak of NSA and GCHQ documents, the WikiLeaks cables, and the US$480m worth of bitcoins stolen from the Mt Gox exchange.

The 8 Biggest Data Breaches in History (infographic by

Main hacking image by tadamichi via Shutterstock

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