The greatest viruses of all time (infographic)

30 May 2012

A new infographic charts the worst computer viruses of all time, those small but mighty menaces that have cost organisations millions of dollars in lost property and revenue.

The infographic published by Uniblue on also includes the worst viruses to affect humans, going as far back as 1348.

The computer viruses under the infographic’s microscope include Stuxnet as the most complex (man-made) virus, Nimda as the most viral, and the CIH Virus (Chernobyl), the virus most lethal to PCs.

Information about the viruses’ creators, etiologies, eras, payloads, methods of infection, and damages are also included in the infographic.

Details such as these can enable security experts to learn even more about viruses and then result in organisations and individuals being able to better protect themselves against infection. However, viruses are still being propagated.

Just yesterday, reported on new spy malware, ‘Flame’, that is said to be 20 times larger than Stuxnet and has apparently been identified infecting systems in several countries in the Middle East as part of a cyber-espionage operation.

Image of computer virus via Shutterstock