US$2.7m worth of security scuppered by Michael Dell’s teen’s tweets

14 Aug 2012

Michael Dell has reportedly shut down his daughter Alexa’s Twitter account due to the teenager’s tendency to use the social network to publicly broadcast her every movement.

From posting an Instagrammed picture of her brother on the family jet, to a shot of her high school dinner invitation revealing every detail of the event, or simply tweet after tweet revealing her location via GPS, Alexa Dell’s Twitter account was a constant feed of where she was or would be and when.

Many teenagers use the microblogging network in this way, but when you’re the daughter of a tech industry billionaire, this degree of open communication sparks security concerns for the whole family.

Daddy Dell clearly knows how important his family’s security is, having shelled out millions on keeping them safe, according to Bloomberg Businessweek. The company’s regulatory filings note that US$2.7m a year goes toward the protection of the Dell family – but, apparently, millions spent on personal security is easily undone by an über-social teen.

Dell officials have declined to comment on the matter, but security experts see the closure of Alexa’s account as a clear indication of a security clampdown.

Elaine Burke is the editor of Silicon Republic