Visa and UCD CCI team up to tackle cybercrime

18 Nov 2010

Visa Europe has formed a partnership with University College Dublin Centre for Cybercrime Investigation (UCD CCI) to undertake forensic investigation into high-tech financial crimes and cybercrime.

The partnership will see UCD CCI assist Visa Europe with criminal investigations, research in order to develop new security features and support for developing training courses for judges and prosecutors.

“An increasing number of criminal cases involve the examination of electronic evidence,” said Dave O’Reilly of UCD CCI.

“Law enforcement officers, judges and prosecutors all need the necessary skills and knowledge to bring these cases to a successful conclusion.

“The establishment of this ground-breaking partnership between UCD CCI and Visa Europe will allow both organisations to support the criminal justice system by providing the knowledge required to face the challenges of the future.”

This partnership comes after UCD’s development of a European Masters programme on cybercrime investigation.

Valerie Dias, chief risk officer of Visa Europe, noted that while they have seen a reduction in fraud of 19pc in 2009, it was still important to collaborate with UCD CCI in order to broaden knowledge of cybersecurity, computer and network forensics and investigation techniques.

“Cybercrime’s evolving nature calls for enhanced technological education and a commitment to developing a comprehensive approach to online security,” said Dias.