Amazon launches 3D printing portal for buying and creating designs

29 Jul 2014

E-commerce giant Amazon is opening up the world of 3D-printed products to designers and shoppers alike, through its new 3D Printing Store portal on its website.

Within the microsite, 3D-printing enthusiasts will be given the chance to either create and distribute their designs online for people to purchase or to simply buy 3D-printed products directly from the store.

As the technology still remains in its infancy, the latter is expected to dominate the 3D Printing Store for the moment but this could change as the years progress and the technology becomes more inexpensive.

According to information on the site, there are an initial 200 designs available for purchase either as a design or as a product, from toys to furniture, with the ability to personalise a product before it is created, according to The Next Web.

The site also includes a host of functions to make it easier to find particular products with a unique search engine, 3D on-screen previews and the dedicated widget to make the personalised changes.

The site also features software that will allow new 3D printer owners to begin designing their own pieces with the most expensive software available, Autocad 2015, setting a person back US$4,199.

3D printer image via Shutterstock

Colm Gorey was a senior journalist with Silicon Republic