Apple files a patent for a location-aware battery for the iPhone

25 Jul 2013

The iPhone 4S

Future iPhone devices may come with intelligent batteries that draw down power based on a user’s location and charging habits, a new patent application suggests.

Similar to how a Mac’s battery adjusts display brightness, the idea is to turn smartphones into devices that know when to conserve power or go the full whack.

The patent filing to USPTO suggests the battery will use the smartphone’s GPS antenna to know its location inside a familiar building where it notes power sources and usage patterns of the user.

The battery management on the iPhone will also remember and note various communications methods that are available, such as Bluetooth, cellular and Wi-Fi in order to manage battery life.

Combining GPS and usage data, the ultimate idea is that the device will be always on based on time and location.

“For example, the mobile electronic device may be able to create a general schedule of charging times and/or locations during a user’s typical use of the mobile electronic device,” the filing said.

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years