Apple may have accidentally leaked the name of its new iPhone: iPhone 5

12 Sep 2012

In the last couple of heady hours to the big launch in California today, any scrap of information on the new smartphone from Apple is causing a stir and the latest is a search result on Apple’s own website which reveals the existence of an ‘iPhone 5’, as well as a new iPod touch and iPod Nano.

Little did anyone think that this nugget of information would come from ultra-tight security Apple but according to 9to5mac, a couple of searches on the Apple Store website have pointed to a number of items that (ahem) indicate a device called iPhone 5.

A search result for “iPhone 5” reveals a link that contains the words Apple-Introduces-iPhone5.

The search engine also revealed a new iPod touch with a link that includes the words Apple-Introduces-New-_iPod-touch-iPod-nano.

In about two hours or so the world will know, anyhow!

leak 1

leak 2

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years