Apple plans new adventures in hi-fi – Airplay Direct to arrive with iPhone 5

29 Aug 2012

Technology giant Apple plans to introduce an update to AirPlay called AirPlay Direct which will allow users to form a direct connection between an Apple device and hi-fi speakers without the need for Wi-Fi.

The company plans to announce the new AirPlay direct feature when it launches the iPhone 5 on 12 September, according to The Telegraph.

In its present form AirPlay lets users beam content from their iPhone or iPad to the Apple TV over the local Wi-Fi network.

AirPlay Direct, however, will allow you beam audio content directly to a compatible speaker system without the need for a Wi-Fi router nearby.

It emerged in recent months that the iPhone 5 will have a smaller 19-pin connector which many users fear will make their current iOS accessories like speaker systems redundant. However, Apple is also understood to be planning to release a special adapter that will allow owners of its next iPhone to continue to connect with standard iPhone and iPad accessories.

At present Android compatible speakers allow users to beam music via Bluetooth from their devices.

In what could be a boon for accessory manufacturers with compatible chips AirPlay Direct will allow iPods, iPads and iPhones to play music directly to the right speakers wirelessly and without the need for a wireless router.

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years