BatteryBox promises to power Apple gadgets for 12 hours, five years later

25 Mar 2014

The BatteryBox

A new rechargeable battery, BatteryBox, has been released with the promise to keep power-hungry gadgets going for 12 hours, five years after its first use.

The palm-sized 50Whr BatteryBox, aimed specifically at Mac and iPhone users, is reported to have enough power for 12 hours of use on a Macbook Air, six hours on a Macbook Pro, or to power eight iPhones.

According to BatteryBox’s website, the battery differs from standard lithium-ion batteries in gadgets as the BatteryBox is powered by the company’s own BatteryOS, a more advanced form of the lithium-ion battery that enables it to have higher capacity and not degrade over time.

Rechargeable laptop batteries and other similar batteries degrade considerably over time.

In number terms, the BatteryBox will last 3,000 full charge and discharge cycles, and still retain at least 96pc of capacity after five years.

Whereas a regular AC power point recharges the battery and will gradually deteriorate the battery’s power retention, this new battery supposedly bypasses and feeds power directly into the Mac in an effort to minimise the number of cycles and stress on the internal battery.

The BatteryBox is due out in autumn this year.

Colm Gorey was a senior journalist with Silicon Republic