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26 Mar 2009

And so it seems the sun has teased us once again by dancing out briefly for St Patrick’s Day and then disappearing for God knows how long. Not to worry: with April — the month that’s renowned for its showers and puddles upon us, we can always be prepared.

Irish Allotments
Yes, this is all very well, but the full enjoyment of the outdoors is for those living in the country, I hear you say.

Not true. Publicly or privately- owned plots of land, allotments are rented by folk who want a space to grow their own veg and plants. This is the way to go if you want to muck about this spring and get in touch with nature.

The Irish Allotments blog provides plenty of information on where to find these allotments around the country, as well as news of workshops and courses you can attend to get those green fingers growing.


Several foreign friends have remarked to me that for a nation dwelling in a semi-permanent state of rainfall we don’t have a clue about dressing for the weather.

So, embrace your inner puddle duck and get some waterproof gear and a good pair of wellies. Whether you’re five or 50, you can plan your next puddle-hopping adventure.

The PuddleDucks blog keeps us up-to-date on its new gear and is focused on kidswear. Did you know you can also get smelly wellies? Chocolate and strawberry flavoured!

Irish MotorBike show


From wet gear to biker wear, it’s all part of the same goal: to make sure you can weather the elements. But, wouldn’t you look so much cooler surviving the winds and rain on a Harley?

Like the stereotypical biker, this blog has few words, but there is a huge amount of pictures from the 2009 show, so you can get inspiration and the urge to attend next year’s one.

There’s also a selection of electric scooters there, so you won’t necessarily have to muck up the environment while burning the rubber.

Worldwide Cycles


On yer bike! Embrace the wind, rain, hail and whatever else is thrown at you by getting your feet on those pedals and cycling furiously.

Isn’t it weird how kids in the Eighties and early Nineties were almost oblivious to celebdom in a time when reality TV had yet to be invented. All we wanted to do was catch a ball like Packie.

But I digress. This is the blog of Irish business Worldwide Cycles and if this doesn’t get you fired up to get back on the saddle, then nothing will. A good-looking, well-maintained and absorbing site.

By Marie Boran