Fashion brands make iPhone covers stylish for Christmas

18 Nov 2010

Juicy Couture and Animal have released fashionable iPhone covers, fit for filling stockings this Christmas.

Juicy Couture

These covers mark the first foray Juicy Couture has made into the mobile accessory market. The brand is known more for its handbags, shoes and jewellery.

There are two different designs. One has a pink front and a pink and white striped back. The other is brown at the front and is mostly brown at the back, save for a pink logo and the pink edge.

Contour Designs made the Juicy Couture iPhone 4 covers, which are available at O2 stores for €24 each.


Contour Design has also created the Animal iPhone covers. The Animal brand is best known for its sports apparel.

The cases were inspired by designs featured on Animal’s seasonal clothes and accessory collections. They feature strong colours and bold patterns.

There are six covers available, aimed to appeal to men and women. Four are for the iPhone 4 and two are for iPhone 3Gs.

The Animal iPhone covers are available at O2 stores, ranging from €19 to €24.