Fast-growing mobile social network Keek hits 45m users

10 Jun 2013

Toronto-headquartered mobile social network Keek has surpassed 45m users, with over 24m users joining in the last four months, the company’s CEO Isaac Raichyk has told

The social network allows users to create 36-second videos called keeks and share them via Android, iPhone, BlackBerry and desktop devices.

In the last four months Keek has been the number one social networking app in 45 countries with more than 667m visits.

The platform has served over 12bn pageviews and users have posted over 18m keeks and 2.2bn videos were watched.

Raichyk said that he believes Keek represents one of the most sophisticated mobile apps in the world today and cited a new instant private messaging feature that enables up to 36 users to chat privately in a group using text or video messages.

“The more engagement tools we give, the more engaged the audience becomes,” he said.

Raichyk is confident that keeks will very soon be as predominant in terminology as tweets are for Twitter.

“We have a unique platform and I believe that social video is going to become increasingly important and relevant in social media over the next two years.”

While Raichyk wouldn’t be drawn on plans to include the platform on next generation smart TVs and consoles, he said that the key is to be where the users are.

“Right now we are entirely focused on building the community, adding features and enabling people to create a lot of content. We believe there is value in each of those areas and we are executing on those three fronts,” Raichyk said.

In January we reported that Keek had raised US$18m in investment, bringing the total amount of funding raised so far to US$30m.

Social video image via Shutterstock

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years