First look: Samsung Galaxy S5 (video)

15 Apr 2014

Samsung's Galaxy S5

We’ve unboxed the new Samsung flagship smartphone and toyed around with some of its new features for your viewing pleasure. In all, our first look at the Galaxy S5 was promising and leaves us with high expectations for this device.

The first thing that struck me on taking the S5 out of its box was the new streamlined design and perforated-design backing. While this doesn’t feel quite as luxurious as the leather stitched rear you’ll find on the Galaxy Note 3, it at least gives off the allure of luxury.

The screen is also strikingly bright. Compared to rival HTC’s flagship M8, the S5 outshines its Android competition – but we’ll have to see how this impacts on battery life when we’ve used the device a little longer.

We also tested the S5’s newest features like the fingerprint and heart-rate sensors straight out of the box and encountered no problems. It’s a promising start, but we’ll have a full review of all the S5’s features – including its water resistance – coming your way soon.

A hands-on first look at the new Samsung Galaxy S5  

Elaine Burke is the editor of Silicon Republic