Get ready for the iPad with Cradle lap desk

19 Jul 2010

Now that we know the iPad is coming to Ireland this Friday, 23 July, we’ll need to start thinking about how we’re going to accessorise it and you can’t get more quirky than the Cradle lap desk.

Made from plyboo (that’s bamboo-effect plywood), the Cradle lap desk has a circular centre made of matte soft-touch where you dock your iPad for swivelling and turning about while placing the desk in a comfy manner on your lap or in front of you.

If you’ve already played with an iPad you’ll know that it won’t just rest on your lap – it requires holding and re-positioning and can be a slippery gadget.

This funky design from will look good in the modern home or office and importantly has a foam cushion on the underside so it’s comfortable, too. is a design collective where ideas can be submitted by the general public for US$99. If the idea is useful/unique enough, it is passed through resident designers and the Quirky community gets a say on the look, logo, etc.

Depending on the unit price, Quirky needs pre-sale commitment from a certain number of people and when this number is reached it goes on sale.