It’s all right folks! iPhone 6 fine despite being dropped from space

16 Jan 2015

The iPhone 6 in space. Photo via YouTube

An iPhone 6 that journeyed into space via a weather balloon has returned to Earth unscathed, despite plummeting from more than 100,000 feet.

Smartphone case designer Urban Armor Gear orchestrated the stunt to promote its composite iPhone case, which protected the space-bound device.

As it entered the stratosphere, the silver iPhone encountered temperatures as cold as -61°C and winds as strong as 70 mph. Though the iPhone 6 began its journey powered on, the freezing temperatures caused the phone to switch off.

The flight lasted for more than three hours and covered 19 kilometres (12 miles) across the ground, having taken off from Chirk Castle in England. 

During its descent, the iPhone 6 and flight rig withstood a 150 PRM rotation. A parachute was deployed (safety reasons), and though the impact did damage the rig, the phone itself returned in full working order.

Watch the iPhone’s brave journey below.

Dean Van Nguyen was a contributor to Silicon Republic