M9 smartphone and Under Armour smartwatch expected from HTC on 1 March

19 Jan 2015

HTC One M8. Photo by Karlis Dambrans/Flickr

HTC’s new flagship smartphone for 2015 is expected to arrive on 1 March, and may also bring company in the form of a smartwatch and super-sized phablet.

Smartphone followers are quite confident that we will see the smartphone codenamed the M9 on 1 March after invites were received for a HTC event to precede Mobile World Congress (MWC) on 1 March.

The theme of the event is ‘utopia in progress’ and, chances are, this will be the grand unveiling of the successor to the HTC One M8 smartphone, with which we are expecting to see a 20MP rear camera, UltraPixel front-facing camera, Dolby 5.1 audio, Android Lollipop overlaid with HTC’s Sense 7 UI, and Qualcomm’s octo-core Snapdragon 810 processor at its heart.

Considering the love for the design of the original HTC One and the HTC One M8, the M9 is likely to update but not diverge from this format.

HTC MWC event invite

The invite to HTC’s MWC event

Additionally, a source speaking to Bloomberg revealed HTC’s first smartwatch might be on the agenda for the 1 March event.

At CES earlier this month, HTC announced a new partnership with US sports apparel company Under Armour, and Bloomberg’s source said the new wearable will follow up on this union, so we can guess that fitness tracking will be core to its duties.

Another surprise at the HTC event could be the unveiling of a plus-sized version of its flagship, if a rumour from Portuguese gadget blog 4Gnews is anything to go by.

According to this source, the ‘M9 Max’ will follow in the footsteps of the HTC One Max with a fingerprint scanner, as well as a 5.5-inch display with quad-HD resolution, 3GB RAM, 32GB storage and 3,000mAh battery, along with the processing power, camera features and operating system of the flagship model.

HTC will be exhibiting at MWC in Barcelona, Spain, alongside Samsung, Huawei and numerous other smartphone manufacturers from around the world. The event runs from 2 to 5 March and HTC will be doing all it can to drum up excitement around its new products in order to continue the turnaround of its financial fortunes.

Elaine Burke is the host of For Tech’s Sake, a co-production from Silicon Republic and The HeadStuff Podcast Network. She was previously the editor of Silicon Republic.