More people sought cheap cosmetic surgery online last year, data shows

26 Jan 2012

The amount of people who have gone online to find inexpensive cosmetic surgery procedures has been highest in the past year than any other year, data released by discount website suggests.

More specifically, searches for ‘cheap Botox’ and ‘cheap breast implants’ rose 176pc and 203pc respectively last year, while searches for ‘discounted nose jobs’ doubled and searches for deals on ‘liposuction’ increased 150pc in the past 12 months.

Searches for general ‘cosmetic surgery discounts’ were four times greater than they were in 2010, a spokesperson for said.

Mark Pearson, of said he wouldn’t necessarily recommend searching for discounts on serious cosmetic procedures.

“It is important that all medical procedures are undertaken with a reputable surgeon and are well thought out, so people shouldn’t necessarily see a discount for a medical procedure as reason to have something done,” Pearson said.