Nintendo’s Wii U console to launch in US on 18 November and in Europe on 30 November

13 Sep 2012

Japanese electronics player Nintendo has revealed that its much-anticipated Nintendo Wii U console will launch on 18 November in North America followed by 30 November in Europe, starting at US$299.99 (€232).

The US$299.99 Basic version will include a white 8GB Wii U console, gamepad, AC adapter, sensor bar and HDMI cable.

A US$349 (€270) Deluxe 32GB version will come in black with the various accessories as well as charging cradles and a free copy of Nintendoland and access to Delux Digital Promotion.

In June at E3 Nintendo unveiled the finished version of its Wii U Gamepad, which will come with a gyroscope, NFC capabilities, and infrared TV capabilities.

Available black and white, the Wii U’s thumbsliders have been replaced by analogue thumbsticks.

The device features a 6.2-inch sensitive screen and can be used as a TV remote.

The NFC technology contained in the device will allow users to both read and write in NFC applications.

Nintendo has also created a new social network to accompany the new console tablet called Miiverse. It is clear Nintendo is prepping the new Wii ecosystem to cater for apps and social networks through on-device functionality and a wider on-screen TV experience.

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years