Nokia N96 ships early

5 Sep 2008

It’s here! The N95’s big sister and Nokia’s new flagship N series phone has a 16GB internal memory, as well as live TV and a 2.8-inch display, which while the same size as its predecessor promises to be brighter and clearer.

Just as the iPhone 3G replaced the original iPhone, so must the N95 be superseded by the N96, which is now available on Nokia’s website for pre-order – earlier than expected.

The new N series phone will also come pre-loaded with a ‘blockbuster’ movie, according to the company, but this will differ depending on what region the phone sells in.

However, the most exciting new feature has to be the ability to watch live TV on the go – the last time Nokia offered this was on the N92, which despite being a mere two years old only had a 2-megapixel camera and looked like a clunky monster in comparison to the newer N series handsets.

The N96 will have a programme guide, along with other interactive services like programme reminders, and will also have 30-second replay for those classic goals or wardrobe malfunctions.

There is no news yet from operators about pricing but the DVB-H (Digital Video Broadcast Handhelds) technology that will receive TV stations will be on a paid-subscription basis.

While the camera with Carl Zeiss lens is still 5-megapixel, the multimedia offering has changed – there will be built-in stereo speakers to complement the TV functionality.

Aside from this, the design has incorporated a kick-stand to encourage you to sit back and watch TV on your N96, including content from the Nokia Video Centre – a mix of YouTube, Reuters and Sony Pictures offerings.

By Marie Boran

Pictured: watch live TV on the new Nokia N96