O2 navigates the mobile GPS market

4 Apr 2007

O2 Ireland today launched a new PDA with built-in Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) and satellite navigation that comes with pre-loaded maps of Ireland and the UK

The Xda Orbit has 2.8-inch LCD touchscreen and measures 16.8 millimetres in depth and weighs 129 grams. It is available today from O2 and is priced from €350.88.

It is the latest in the Xda range and comes with CoPilot Live navigation software that can quickly calculate routes and gives both on-screen and spoken step-by-step directions to the chosen destination.

The user can choose from various map views, including “non-distracting driver-safety”, “itinerary”, “where am I?” and a 3D “bird’s eye” view. Should the driver take a wrong turn, the software can automatically recalculate an alternative route.

“Our partnership with ALK Technologies to bundle the CoPilot Live satnav software is an important development for our customers and will give them the ultimate navigation experience directing them to their chosen destination quickly and safely,” said Billy D’arcy, head of business, sales and services for O2 Ireland.

The XDA Orbit can also be used by pedestrians and comes with the Microsoft Office Mobile suite and the Push email program, all of which synchronise with a desktop PC.

Other features include an FM radio with six channel presets, an MP3/ACC player, Wi-Fi and a 2-megapixel camera. The Xda Orbit is essentially a mobile phone, PDA, GPS system, camera, MP3 player and radio rolled into one.

“The new O2 Xda Orbit provides our customers with a truly mobile office that offers the latest product innovations,” said D’arcy.

By Marie Boran