OnePlus: ‘We’re sorry, we messed up, again’

11 Sep 2015

In what seems like a recurring annoyance, OnePlus has been forced to admit defeat, once again, in delivering its products to customers in a timely fashion.

The OnePlus 2, a ‘Flagship Killer’, apparently, is sitting around in warehouses rather than in the pockets of customers who want one. ‘Never settle’ is the company tagline, ironically.

“We messed up the launch of the OnePlus 2,” said the company in a fairly forthright blogpost.

“Well, we messed up the launch of the OnePlus One as well,” it admits, going into detail into what went wrong.

The company regrets the “rosy plans” it made to make more stock, make it far easier to get invites, and make it far smoother than the difficult process of purchasing its predecessor.

Yet this week, a month after the planned shipping dates, the company finally shifted some products out the door.

Apologising to its workers, its partners and its customers, OnePlus admits that excuses are futile. “We simply messed up again.”

The company is now doing away with future promises on product launches, however, it also promises a quick one-hour sale in the coming weeks. I wouldn’t hold your breath if I was you.

OnePlus has, once again, failed to deliver on its promise, which should, really, wreck its reputation beyond repair. It has failed on two counts, actually, with invites also weighed down with problems.

However, its customers still love the device and, just like the OnePlus One, reviews have been impressive.

There is one point mentioned in the flawed execution of the OnePlus 2’s delivery worth noting: its lifespan is being curtailed.

Ironically the company probably needs to wait a while before it brings another product on stream, rather than promoting something while this mess is still fresh in the mind, so this might not prove too problematic.

Still, the comments below the blog post are largely positive. Positive comments, on the internet, under a post, after a failure.


Although the customer care department isn’t coming off too well by the looks of things.

Gordon Hunt was a journalist with Silicon Republic