Snap happy Irish take 1.4bn photos a year

13 Apr 2010

The Irish love digital photography and have taken to it with gusto, snapping off 3.7m photos a day and about 1.4bn a year. The majority are ‘special occasion’ photographers.

A survey undertaken by Behaviour & Attitudes on behalf of FujiFilm Ireland to establish consumer photography trends in 2010 reveals that the average adult takes 32 photographs a month.

This equates to about 1.4bn photographs a year or 3.7m photographs per day.

The nationally representative survey of more than 1,000 adults showed that the majority of adults – eight out of 10 – are ‘special occasion’ photographers, with 15pc being weekly or more regular – driven by younger photographers.

Despite the prolific usage of technology at home, 40pc of adults have a preference for looking at printed pictures compared to 17pc who prefer looking at photos on computer screen.

Half the population regard looking at printed photographs as an important aspect of reminiscing about happy or memorable times – although looking at old pictures is significantly more important to women than it is to men.

Features of FujiFilm Ireland’s new website

The survey was undertaken to mark the relaunch of FujiFilm Ireland’s new website, which enables digital camera users to upload their favourite images, store and share their photos online or order prints, print enlargements and personalised gifts at the touch of a button.

In response to the phenomenal growth in social media usage, the new website now enables integration with social networking websites, such as Flickr and MySpace, allowing members to import or export images from their accounts to print on

The website also offers a number of innovative products including: photo book, a premium coffee table style book, multipage calendars – year long memories of your photos, life galleries, whereby users such as publications and sporting organisations can create a fully commercial website that allows visitors to purchase prints within a secure online environment, online imaging editing software, collage functionality for all applications, and unlimited photo storage space for all members.

“The old adage ‘a picture paints a thousand words’ seems to resonate strongly with Irish consumers across all ages and in particular when reminiscing about happy and memorable times,” said Alice Howley, FujiFilm Ireland.

“Our new website offers some great new innovations without the need to download applications, enabling consumers to conveniently print great value high quality professional pictures,” Howley said.

By John Kennedy

Photo: The average adult snaps 32 photographs a month, a survey undertaken by Behaviour & Attitudes on behalf of FujiFilm Ireland suggests

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years