The week in gadgets

7 Jun 2011

A look at gadgets in the week ahead, as the Nintendo 3DS gets an internet browser, Sony unveils a PlayStation-branded 3D TV and a peripheral reduces the distance between the Kinect and the player.

Nintendo 3DS update rolls out today

An update for the Nintendo 3DS is rolling out from today, bringing the Nintendo eShop, an internet browser and the Pokedex 3D to the handheld console.

Along with providing the ability to access the web, the internet browser can display 3D on sites designed to show 3D images.

The Nintendo eShop will allow 3DS owners to purchase downloadable content for the console, including 3D software, classic games in 2D or 3D and the library of Nintendo DSiWare games. It will also have video-game trailers, screenshots and product information.

The launch of the store will offer the NES classic Excitebike which has been remastered in 3D as a free download until 7 July.

Users can also download Pokedex 3D for free to collect data for more than 150 Pokemon from the Pokemon Black and White versions of the game.

Sony unveils PlayStation-branded 3D TV

Sony revealed a new 3D TV, which comes with 3D glasses, a HDMI cable and Resistance 3 for the PlayStation 3, costing US$499.99.

Unveiling the TV at E3 2011, the 24-inch full HD LCD display adopts quad-speed frame sequential display technology which minimises the bleeding of the left and right image, reducing image ghosting.

It also lets gamers playing multi-player games, see individual full-screen images of game play using the bundled 3D glasses and supported software.

It has stereo 2ch+subwoofer speakers and is 35mm thin at its thickest part.

Sony has said it will reveal a European price for the display sometime in the future.

Nyko peripheral to let gamers with small rooms play the Kinect

Gaming peripheral company Nyko is offering a device which reduces the space needed to play Kinect games on the Xbox 360.

The wide-angle lens device, called the Zoom, fits over the Kinect sensor with a clip. This reduces the 6-foot space needed between the player and the Kinect by 40pc, catering for gamers living in apartments or houses with small rooms.

The peripheral costs US$29.99 in the US.