26-year-old TCD researcher named youngest-ever IBM Master Inventor

30 Nov 2015

A Trinity College Dublin (TCD) researcher whose focus areas include artificial intelligence (AI) and big data has the honour of being the youngest person ever to be awarded the title of IBM Master Inventor at at the age of 26.

Someone is awarded the title of an IBM Master Inventor if they are considered by the company to be a role model for the technical and scientific community, actively inventing with a significant number of filed patents, mentoring other new inventors and using their expertise to elevate the profile of intellectual property.

And now, Assem’s inventions and work with IBM has seen him achieve success where few of his peers have.

The Egyptian had previously studied in Ireland prior to joining TCD, achieving a MSc degree in Voice and Video Analytics from NUI Maynooth – now Maynooth University – and he is currently working towards a doctoral degree from TCD where he is associated with the ADAPT Centre for digital content technologies.

Assem has been working with IBM since 2013, having previously leveraged an industry solution with IBM along with having five other patents registered with the company.

Haytham Assem

Haytham Assem

On top of this, his research in Dublin has been paired with further research in the US and China where he has registered 25 patents regarding topics on social media analysis, big data, VoIP and predictive modelling.

Assem was even named inventor on three of IBM’s top patent awards, which were singled out from thousands of invention submissions worldwide.

“Getting patents is nice, but it’s really the process of inventing and brainstorming with my IBM colleagues and fellow ADAPT researchers that I find most exciting and rewarding,” Assem said when he was awarded the title.

“It’s great to create something new and novel that no one has ever thought of before, which will make a real impact on our future and tomorrow’s technology.”

TCD image via Rob Wilson/Shutterstock

Colm Gorey was a senior journalist with Silicon Republic