Bank of Ireland IT workers call off planned strike

22 Jul 2003

Bank of Ireland IT workers, angered at the proposed outsourcing deal between the bank and Hewlett-Packard, have agreed to defer the strike action planned for tomorrow. The bank’s proposals will now be put to a ballot.

Under the terms of the planned agreement, 300 staff at the bank’s IT subsidiary ITSIS were due to become HP employees. Bank IT workers threatened industrial action because they feared for the future security of their jobs following the announcement of a major €600m IT outsourcing deal between the Bank of Ireland and HP earlier this year.

Although the terms of the deal with HP lasts for seven years, it is understood that the bank’s IT workers were only offered contracts guaranteeing a maximum service of two years. It is understood that in addition, full income would be guaranteed for a third year if the workers were to lose their jobs.

The Bank of Ireland has proposed giving affected workers €3,500 as well as an additional €400 for every year of service.

The bank has also promised that any worker made redundant during the seven-year lifetime of the deal, will be awarded six weeks pay per combined year of service to a maximum of two years’ pay.

The Irish Bank Officials Association (IBOA) is reported to be in negotiations with the Bank of Ireland to clarify the proposed remuneration which will then be put to a ballot by the 300 ITSIS staff.

By John Kennedy