International Space Station snaps amazing picture of Dublin

1 Dec 2017

Image: 3Dsculptor/Shutterstock

Just as the morning commute was starting to get underway in Dublin, an astronaut aboard the ISS took an amazing photo up above.

The crew aboard the International Space Station (ISS), when they aren’t performing the latest scientific experiments or growing barley for cosmic beer, have some time to simply admire the amazing sight below.

One of the astronauts giving us quite a glimpse of this life is NASA’s Randy Bresnik who recently offered us a stunning view of Earth during a spacewalk.

Filmed on a GoPro camera attached to his spacesuit, Bresnik can be seen doing the necessary repairs to the outside of the station, before taking a moment to admire “the beauty of our planet Earth”.

Now, the astronaut has focused his attention squarely on the city of Dublin as the ISS made its pass over Ireland early this morning (1 December).

Alien life on board?

Flying above our heads at a height of more than 400km, the ISS has been finding itself the centre of attention lately, and not just for its sights of Earth.

Earlier this week, cosmonaut Anton Shkaplerov said to Russian media that living bacteria was found on the outside of the Russian section of the ISS, and it is not from Earth.

During spacewalks, Shkaplerov said he took swabs from the station’s surface, especially from around the areas where fuel waste is discharged from its engines or other areas considered more ‘obscure’.

Then, the samples were returned to Earth and Shkaplerov claimed that an astounding discovery was made.

Scepticism remains strong, however, on the notion that Shkaplerov is the first to identify an extra-terrestrial lifeform given that the most likely source is bacteria that hitched a ride during launch, something that has happened a few times before.

Colm Gorey was a senior journalist with Silicon Republic