‘Face ironing’ treatment introduced in Ireland

18 Feb 2011

Facial surgeon Kambiz Golchin has brought a new non-invasive face-lifting technology to Ireland called Pellevé, which he is administering from the About Face Clinic at the Beacon Hospital.

Referred to as ‘face ironing’, the treatment involves magnetic radio frequencies being passed through a hand piece over the skin to modify the collagen bundles deep beneath causing them to contract to give an immediate natural tightening effect.

The patient feels a deep warming sensation as the hand piece touches the face — no damage is done to the outer layers of the skin, with no pain or downtime. Over six months, the collagen begins to re-knit, continuously tightening to give ongoing results. 

“For each year of a person’s life their skin will loose 1pc of collagen, resulting in sagging from the mid-30s onwards. Pellevé offers ongoing results over six months with no discomfort, pain or invasiveness and the beauty of the treatment is that it can be used to treat difficult areas, such the crepe or tissue-like upper lids, under-eye area and lines around the mouth,” said Golchin. 

“According to the most recent surveys, Irish women are looking for the natural look, whether they are opting for non-surgical or surgical procedures. Whatever treatment a woman decides to have they need to ensure it is safe and that the practitioner is fully qualified to carry out that procedure.”  

Article courtesy of Bizstartup.ie