IBM to transform Rotterdam into futuristic smart city

24 Jun 2009

At the IBM-hosted SmarterCities conference yesterday in Berlin, the tech firm announced its plans to collaborate with Rotterdam in implementing the world’s first Smart Delta City.

A Smart Delta City is one that will use IBM technology to collect and analyse real-time data on the rivers, ocean, weather and similar data all through one intuitive dashboard.

Rotterdam will use real-time, real-world information to manage city infrastructure related to climate change issues.

This means that city councils would be better able to respond to potential disasters like floods or droughts, and monitor changes in water conditions that could harm aquatic life.

“We are committed to reducing carbon dioxide by 50pc and reaching a climate adaptive situation, while also strengthening our region’s economic condition by 2025,” said Paula Verhoeven, Rotterdam Climate Office director.

“To reach these goals, we have defined a holistic approach to climate change and water management, considering economic and spatial planning factors in the decision-making process.  This collaboration is important to help Rotterdam evolve to a Smart Delta City.”

The SmartCities conference is designed to make countries around the globe more aware of the environmental issues of growing cities and how green technology can make them safer, more environmentally friendly and sustainable.

IBM says that by 2050, city dwellers are expected to make up 70pc of the earth’s total population, growing from the 3.3 billion people on the planet today to a staggering 6.4 billion.

As SmarterCities says, this leaves us with only 40 years to make our cities work harder and smarter.

By Marie Boran