Weekend takeaway: Western promise

14 Jul 2017

Image: Joanna K-V/Shutterstock

From remote working in the west of Ireland to Limerick’s knowledge corridor, here is all the essential sci-tech reading you need for the weekend.

1. Shopify brings 100 new remote-working jobs to the west of Ireland

Shopify boosts the broadband-powered, remote-working revolution, keeping the west awake.

2. LIT primed for new €14m campus in Limerick ‘knowledge corridor’

Limerick Institute of Technology has received planning permission to construct a major new campus at Coonagh.

3. Sugru’s Jane Ní Dhulchaointigh on making a good idea stick

Future Human

An epiphany about wastefulness led Jane Ní Dhulchaointigh to want to fix things, she told Inspirefest.

4. Science takes to the streets in Galway

Denizens of Galway are about to be treated to impromptu street science from women scientists determined to be seen and heard.

5. Ireland jumps four places to 10th in global scientific rankings – SFI

SFI’s annual report for 2016 shows that Ireland’s stature in global science has grown once again, now ranking 10th in the world.

6. Teen-Turn: How companies are bringing more women into STEM

Now in its second year, Teen-Turn is hoping to further bridge the gender gap and introduce young women to a career in tech.

7. China aims to be a nuclear fusion power within the next 50 years

The race to create the first sustainable ‘artificial sun’ is hotting up, with China’s top nuclear fusion scientist promising to have it within 50 years.

8. Is AI as important a breakthrough as electricity? No, it’s much more

David Moloney’s keynote at Inspirefest 2017 spoke of how AI will spark a revolution like no other, but humans pose the biggest risk to its future.

9. Verizon security breach down to human error? These things happen

Verizon saw around 6m users’ details leaked online after human error led to a misconfigured security setting on a cloud server. According to experts, these things happen.

10. NASA director admits it can’t afford to send crew to Mars

Is Mars too distant a dream for NASA?

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years