Weekend takeaway: The innovator’s delight

11 Aug 2017

Image: patpitchaya/Shutterstock

From Galway’s hottest start-ups to women pushing the boundaries, all your required sci-tech reading for the weekend is right here.

1. 10 new NDRC start-ups a ‘key milestone’ for Galway entrepreneurship

NDRC at PorterShed is welcoming 10 new digital start-ups as part of its inaugural cohort, boosting innovation in the west of Ireland.

2. 13 top companies hiring in Ireland right now

Looking for a job? Check out the companies that are on the hunt for top talent.

3. Ireland’s digital crown tarnished by out-of-control accommodation crisis

Ongoing accommodation crisis is forcing highly paid overseas workers to leave Ireland for lower-rent economies.

4. Meet the woman trying to push through Ireland’s first national space law

While data protection covers much of her daily focus, Laura Keogh is one of Ireland’s leading lights when it comes to the intriguing world of space law.

5. Why is it harder for women entrepreneurs to get funding?

Global Invest Her founder and Inspirefest 2017 speaker Anne Ravanona puts out a call to invest in women entrepreneurs.

6. Why wearing your sleeve on your heart is a thing in soft robotics

NUI Galway’s Dr Ellen Roche has won international acclaim for her work in creating a soft robotic sleeve for patients who live with heart difficulties.

7. In a world of robots, human connection is more important than ever

How can you be a master communicator? Kelly Hoey has some tips for better human interaction in an increasingly automated world.

8. How do we solve a problem like buffering? Irish networks need to step up

RootMetrics’ general manager of Europe, Scott Stonham, takes an in-depth look at the state of Ireland’s mobile broadband, and he’s found what we badly need.

9. Food for thought: Algorithm tweak cuts Deliveroo delivery times by 20pc

Meals-on-wheels service benefits from a little data science and machine learning.

10. How does Ireland rank globally for broadband and mobile speed? Not great

A new report examining the average broadband and mobile speeds globally has found that Ireland lags behind the countries it wants to emulate.

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years